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Magniificent view of Bighorn Canyon
Bighorn Canyon's magnificent vistas are possible only through environmental protection of this unique landscape

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Bighorn Canyon is committed to encouraging sustainable practices that protect our park and the planet. With that in mind, the park would also like to help our visitors do their part in making our planet cleaner and healthier.

The nation’s leading voice for the national parks, the nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), has launched a website: Do Your Part for Climate Friendly Parks, which empowers national park visitors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help national parks nationwide become leaders in combating global warming.

Developed in concert with the Park Service’s Climate Friendly Parks program, the website,, encourages national park visitors to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and thereby help to protect America’s national parks from the effects of global warming. Visitors choose from a drop-down list of 15 national parks, create a personal profile, and pledge to take climate-friendly actions that would then “benefit” that individual national park.

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Last updated: February 24, 2015

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