Perspectives On The Grapevine Creek Battle - Lodge Grass Students

Lodge Grass ROTC students
Lodge Grass ROTC students with a teepee they set up at the Grapevine Creek Battle Site on April 20, 2010

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On Tuesday, April 20th students from the Lodge Grass ROTC honored their ancestors at the Fort C.F. Smith and Grapevine Creek Battle sites. As part of a cooperative project with Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area the students learned about the battle. They wrote stories, perspectives, and their thoughts on the sites and battle. Please read on to find out what they thought!

What I Never Knew, by Nancy Jefferson, 11th grade, JROTC Cadet Captain
Going to the Grapevine Battle site taught me some things I never knew. Before this study, I was unaware that the battle existed. It showed me something about my background in Crow history.

The first thing we saw was the site of old Fort Smith where you could even see the old foundation and outline of the fort. From there, it was a long drive to the battle site. You could actually see where the battle took place.

The cadets set up a tepee, took some horses and dressed up in our regalia. We ended with lots of pictures.

The Battle, by Josiah Dust, 11th grade, Lodge Grass JROTC, Cadet Private First Class
The Grapevine Creek Battle is based on a true story. The Crows and Blackfeet fought against each other. The Crows won the battle (like we win in basketball) only the Blackfeet lost and lost their lives. The Crows had good warriors and the Blackfeet had good warriors. It was a good battle between the two tribes. The one who lead the Crows into battle was named Stump Horn. He had great medicine for going into battle.

The Grapevine Battle, by Shelley Ybarra, 10th grade, Cadet Corporal
The Grapevine Battle was between the Blackfeet and the Apsaalooke which took place near where present day Ft. Smith is. The Blackfeet tried to steal horses from the Crows, but instead were massacred. The Crows pushed the Blackfeet onto a hill where they were cornered. The Crows went home and held a victory dance.

The Grapevine Creek Battle, a fictional story by Whitney Bulltail, 7th grade, JROTC cadet-in-training, Lodge Grass Junior High
It was a sunny day, hunting for buffalo. Mamie and I were gutting and skinning a huge male. We were halfway done when Mamie saw Blackfeet warriors on the top of a hill. We ran back to the village and told the chief. By then, our medicine man already knew about it, so they were pumped up for a fight.

It was tradition for the medicine man to run up to the enemy first. He charged up to the Blackfeet with determination to kill some people. He killed two warriors before the rest of us Crow warriors could join the battle.

I was a bit scared to charge up to the Blackfeet, but I did anyways. I had major butterflies, but I was excited at the same time. I killed five Blackfeet warriors before we won the battle.

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