Mason-Lovell Ranch Historic Structures

A panoramic view of the M-L Ranch
A panoramic view of the M-L Ranch



The ML Ranch complex consists of several structures. Among these are the bunkhouse, the blacksmith shop, the north cabin, and the south cabin. The complex also includes the sites of the Henry Clay Lovell house and other areas where the barn and icehouse were once located.

The Ranch possesses local historical significance, and these structures provide a tangible link with the open range cattle industry which opened the Bighorn Basin to settlement in the late 1870’s. Information about the structures came from historic photographs and interviews from living witnesses who worked at or visited the ranch in the early 20th century. These witnesses were interviewed in the mid-1970’s for the Mason-Lovell Historic Structures Report.

Structures And Areas Of Interest
The Henry Clay Lovell House -
Mr. Lovell rarely slept in this well furnished home, reserving it for his housekeeper and cook Lettie Ruble. It was a large one and a half story structure standing amidst a grove of cottonwoods.The house was built with lumber hauled to the site by wagon from Billings and Bridger. Click here to learn more…

The Bunkhouse - The Bunkhouse was used as living quarters for the ranch hands who tended the cattle on the open range during dust and snow storms. Click here to learn more…

The Blacksmith Shop - The Blacksmith Shop was certainly one of the oldest and most important buildings on the ranch. The blacksmith would work for hours here hammering out horseshoe and ranching implements. Click here to learn more…

The North Cabin - Built before the main house and mostly used for storage, the North Cabin was repeatedly painted and probably had a sod roof. Click here to learn more…

The South Cabin - Surrounded by apple trees, the South Cabin was also referred to as the Orchard Cabin. With whitewashed interior walls, this single room cabin was a perfect residence for a married couple both of which were employed by Mr. Lovell. Click here to learn more…


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