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Several book shelves full of books surrounded by walls with games, toys, and tshirts.
Cal S. Taggart Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center WNPA Bookstore

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The park store is operated by Western National Parks Association (WNPA), an official non-profit partner of the National Park Service dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Bighorn Canyon NRA. The park store has a wide range of books, clothing, games, and other items available for retail sale. These products complement the interpretive themes you experience when visiting the park.



There are park stores in both of the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Centers, or you can visit the online park store Bighorn Canyon Park Store: Medallions, Passport Stamps & More | Western National Parks Store (

Last updated: June 30, 2021

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Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area South District Visitor Center
20 US Hwy 14A

Lovell, WY 82431


307 548-5406
(307) 548-5406 is the South District in Lovell, WY. (406) 666-9961 is the North District in Fort Smith, MT.

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