Birds of Big Bend

An adult make grosbeak sits on grass next to a brown juvenile, which is looking at the male with its mouth open.
Blue Grosbeaks in the grass


A silver RV sits underneath the shade of large cottonwood trees whose leaves have turned yellow and orange.
Fall at Cottonwood Campground

NPS/J. Jurado

Birding Hotspots

The park has a variety of excellent birding locations because of its mulitple habitats. These include riparian river corridor or desert springs, open desert, grasslands, pinyon-oak-juniper woodlands and moist forested canyons. Finding a maximum number of birds can best be accomplished by visiting all of the different habitats within the park.
A gray bird with a black and white checkered back and orange on the back of the head and red on the top of the head sits on a tree branch.
Golden-fronted Woodpecker

NPS/L. Benavidez

Birding Seasons and Specialties

Timing is very important for seeing specific birds or a diversity of species. Of the 450 species reported in the park, only 56 species live in Big Bend year-round. This highlights the importance of spring and fall migrants, as well as summer and winter visitors. If you wish to find a particular species of bird, it is best to search within appropriate habitats at the proper time of year.
A large black bird sits on a branch above a nest.
Common Black Hawk above nest

NPS/R. Negele

Bird Stories

Several of Big Bend's birds have been more closely studied than others, whether they are endangered, rarely seen in the United States, or making a comeback. Learn more about the research and work being done with these special birds.

In Search of the Colima Warbler

Bird Studies in Big Bend

A man and a woman stand on a boardwalk, using binoculars and a camera to look for birds.
Birding the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail


Get Involved

There are many ways that you can contribute to our knowledge of birds. From visits to Big Bend to world-wide birding celebrations brought to your neighborhood, find out how reporting your bird sightings can make a difference.

Last updated: August 17, 2020

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