A map of the Seward Peninsula with preserve boundary.
Bering Land Bridge Map

The Preserve

There are no roads or trails that lead to the parklands. Reaching the preserve is based on each individual’s resources and capabilities. The biggest determining factor is transportation.
Aerial view of green hills.

Air Taxi

Hire a small bush plane from various Alaskan hubs to reach the preserve. View the air taxi directory.

Aerial views of golden rolling hills.

Private Plane

A private plane allows you to land on unimproved landing strips, beaches, or lakes. Read more on the Serpentine Landing Strip.

Three snowmobiles pointing down the trail.


Snowmobiling or snowmachining, as called by Alaskan locals, opens up the backcountry and allows you to reach remote and secluded destination

Three backpackers look out to the landscape.

Hiking & Backpacking

Hiking into and around the Preserve is an adventurer’s dream. Rough terrain, isolation, and unpredictable weather.


Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center

The Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center and administrative offices are located on the First Floor of the Sitnasuak Building at 214 Front Street in Nome, Alaska. Nome is not on the road system so access to the town is primarily through commercial airlines. The visitor center has exhibits about the preserve, films, and offers interpretive programs


Last updated: February 15, 2018

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