Serpentine Hot Springs

A dusky sky is reflected upon a shallow pool surrounded by jagged rock.
Serpentine Hot Springs: An Overview

Serpentine Hot Springs is a treasure that has been utilized for millennia and continues to see traditional and modern uses.

A shallow pool of water surrounded by green and yellow algae.
Geology of Serpentine Hot Springs

The Serpentine Hot Springs area consists of two thermal areas: Serpentine Hot Springs and Arctic Hot Springs.

A small plane is parked at the end of a gravel air strip. A pile of gear is near the airstrip.
Planes, Boats, and Snowmobiles

Serpentine Hot Springs can be accessed by foot, small airplane, boat, or snowmobile.

From the back seat of a small aircraft we look out the window onto the rolling tundra.
Flying into Serpentine Hot Springs

Physical conditions of the airstrip, weather, and communication abilities should be considered before your flight.

Portrait of a large red remote cabin.
Facilities and Amenities

The Serpentine bunkhouse, bathhouse, and outhouse provide a unique way to experience a remote landscape. Here's what you can expect.

Serpentine Video

Multimedia Feature

Planning a visit to Serpentine? Just wondering what it's really like? Check out a short film on the hot springs to learn more and virtually experience Serpentine, get a glimpse inside the bunkhouse, and see the spectacular granite tors.

Last updated: October 12, 2023

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