Plan Like a Park Ranger at Harry S Truman National Historic Site

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The National Park Service Ranger hat.


We warmly welcome you to Harry S Truman National Historic Site, with units in Independence, Missouri (the Truman Home), and Grandview, Missouri (the Truman Farm and Farm Home).

This National Park unit was established shortly after the death of First Lady Bess Wallace Truman, who died in October of 1982. Mrs. Truman left her family home at 219 North Delaware Street to the American people in her will.

When planning your visit, please keep this list in mind. We want your visit to be safe, memorable, and meaningful.

We welcome you and your family. We're humbled you've decided to come and see us!

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Well, it's good to be back home, in what I call the center of the world...Independence, Missouri. I am more than happy to be here, and to stay here the rest of my life. I hope I won't cause you much trouble while I am here!

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"Well, it's good to be back home, in what I call the center of the world...Independence, Missouri. I am more than happy to be here, and to stay here the rest of my life. I hope I won't cause you much trouble while I am here!" President Harry S Truman Film courtesy the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

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#1: Visit

When planning your visit to a National Park unit, we advise that you begin your planning experience at the National Park Service's main webpage. At, you can find your local National Park unit, or find parks that you are interested in.

You may have already been there by the time you're on this page. Bravo!

You can also research special features, such as parks that have Junior Ranger programs, special events being held locally or nationally, check what fee(s) parks charge for services, safety and closure information, and more.

It's a one-stop resource that should be able to help you plan like a Park Ranger!
Independence Missouri Truman Courthouse
The historic Truman Courthouse, on the Square in Independence, Missouri. The legacy of Harry Truman is everywhere here.

Independence, Missouri

#2: Explore Independence and Grandview

Independence and Grandview, Missouri, are very proud of their association with President Harry S Truman, First Lady Bess Wallace Truman, their family history and legacy.

Harry S Truman once called Independence, Missouri, "the center of the world." Visiting Independence, today, is an enlightening experience. You can learn about the Trumans, some Civil War history, some historic trail history, and more. You can experience a mid-19th century jail, some beautiful historic mansions, and do some unique shopping.

In Grandview, you can imagine the once vast farm that Harry Truman's family once managed, and explore many other features that make the community a vital one today.

You can click on the links below and plan a visit to Independence and Grandview like a Park Ranger would.

Red brick building
The visitor center at Harry S Truman National Historic Site
223 North Main Street, Independence, Missouri, 64050


#3: Learn how to get tickets to the Truman Home

Tickets are required for touring the Truman Home in Independence. Tours accommodate a maximum of eight persons. No exceptions can be made for this.

Tickets must be acquired at our visitor center, at 223 North Main Street, Independence, Missouri, 64050. We cannot issue tickets at the Truman Home itself.

Tickets are free, but are first come, first served. Only educational groups with 24 or fewer students can make prior arrangements.

We cannot hold tickets, but if you call at (816) 254-9929, we can advise on how many tickets remain for the day.

Check the calendar of events at the bottom of this page for the Truman Farm schedule. Tickets for the Farm can be obtained that day. We can take a maximum of six persons per tour at the Truman Farm Home.

The Truman Farm Home will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from May 6, 2022, to October 29, 2022.

You can learn more about the Truman Home ticket process here by clicking here.

Where to Get Truman Home Tickets--The Visitor Center

Get your Truman Home Tickets here, watch a nifty film about the history of 219 North Delaware Street, and meet our Rangers.

Five Park Rangers in uniform on steps with cardboard cutout of Truman
The A Team at Harry S Truman National Historic Site


#4: Ask us...we're here to help!

One way to plan like a Park Ranger is to ask questions to the Park Rangers!

These folks are the best in the business. They care deeply about the resources we protect, care deeply about sharing our stories, and care deeply about you, your safety, and your experiences.

They know a lot, but don't know everything. So we will research and learn with you. We Park Rangers learn something new every day...even those of us who have studied Harry Truman for years and have been in the National Park Service for years.

We learn by studying, by researching, and by listening to you!

#5: Try the New NPS App!

The new National Park Service app can be a valuable tool, and helps you determine park operation schedules, find regular and special events, notifies you of any safety issues and closures, and more. It's available for both iOS and Android users, and is absolutely free!

illustrated image highlighting safety when visiting National Parks
There may be no bears at Harry S Truman National Historic Site, but there may be at other National Parks. Be safe!


#6: Be safe!

We want your visit the Harry S Truman National Historic Site to be safe. Someone at home loves and cares about you very much! We also care about our employees and volunteers, and want them to be safe.

When planning a visit to us, please remember to:

*Be mindful of traffic and your surroundings.

*Keep personal belongings on you secured in your locked car or trunk.

*Check the weather forecast. Sometimes we get weird weather in the Midwest.

*When exploring the grounds of the Truman Farm, be mindful of ticks and insects.

*Please listen to NPS staff and volunteers if there is a special emergency.

*Always remember 911 is your best friend in the case of an emergency!

*Check alerts on websites to be aware of safety issues and closures.

You can learn more about safety in the National Parks by clicking here.

#7: Visit the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

When President Harry S Truman came home after his presidency, he began the process of developing his presidential library, intending to create a permanent repository for his papers and a place of learning for citizens.

The Truman Library recently opened a brand new museum experience that gives a perfect understanding of why his administration helped create the world in which we live today.

And the Research Room is a place where you can examine the presidential and personal papers of the 33rd President of the United States. They belong to the American people. That's the way Truman wanted it.
White Truman Home, with logo saying "NPS wellness challenge."
The National Park Service Wellness Challenge is Underway!


#8: Take the National Park Service Wellness Challenge!

Will you match Truman’s 120 steps per minute walking pace as you follow his daily routes in Independence, Missouri? Will you get butterflies as you learn about the courtship letters he sent to his wife? Will you consider the choices he made and how they guided our nation through uncertain times? Personal wellness is out there waiting for you. And, it is well within reach.

Try the National Park Service Wellness Challenge while visiting us! And try it at our fellow National Park Service sites in Missouri.

Click here to learn more.
book cover, painting of Harry S Truman, US Capitol in the background
Be a Junior Ranger


#9: Become a Junior Ranger!

Harry S Truman National Historic Site has two special Junior Ranger books, one for youths 5-8 years old, and one for youths 9-12. But, truth be told, you're never too old to be a Junior Ranger!

Our books reinforce some concepts that can enrich a youth's life, concepts that helped make Harry S Truman the person he was.

There is more about the program here. And there are digital files of the booklets.

#10: Check our calendar of events!

Check out our calendar of events below.

In addition to tours of the Truman Home and the Truman Farm Home, we offer community book discussions, movie nights, and more.

The Truman Farm Home schedule is also included in our calendar of events.

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Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Last updated: May 5, 2022