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Are you looking for a fun way to learn more about Andrew Johnson and earn some cool stuff? Answer the following questions and send your answers to the park, and you will receive a Junior Ranger pin and patch. Please be sure to include your address with your answers.

Hint: All answers can be found by exploring our website. Good luck and have fun!
Lincoln Johnson campaign ribbon with American flag
Lincoln - Johnson campain ribbon

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On the Path to the Presidency

On Andrew Johnson’s journey to the Executive Mansion, this self-taught man held nearly every political office available - without attending a single day of school.

The following questions can be answered by looking at the Andrew Johnson Timeline. Please give the year the following events in Andrew Johnson’s life occur.

______ Andrew Johnson becomes Governor of Tennessee
Andrew Johnson is elected alderman of Greeneville, TN
______ A
ndrew Johnson elected Vice-President of the United States
Andrew Johnson is appointed military governor of Tennessee and resigns from the Senate
Andrew Johnson becomes a U.S. Senator
Andrew Johnson is elected mayor of Greeneville
Andrew Johnson becomes a state representative
President Lincoln is assassinated and Andrew Johnson is sworn in as the 17th President of the United States
An image of Andrew Johnson in uniform during the Civil War
Andrew Johnson likeness as Military Governor/Brigadier General during the Civil War

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Trading Card Adventures
The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site's trading cards marked the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and tell stories from the Civil War to Civil Rights. These cards continue to be an active part of the Site's Junior Ranger program.

Please answer the following questions based on the information found on the Trading Cards page:

  1. What job did Sam Johnson, Andrew Johnson’s former enslaved person, hold following the Civil War?
  1. Why was the Johnson family forced to leave their home in Greeneville, TN? How the home used during their absence?
  1. What role did Andrew and Eliza’s son Charles hold while he was a member of the Union Army during the Civil War?
  1. What day is Emancipation Day celebrated in Tennessee? When were all enslaved people freed in Tennessee?
Green impeachment ticket to Johnson's trial
May 27th ticket to Johnson Impeachment trial

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What about Impeachment?

Find these answers for Impeachment on the History and Culture Page:

While Andrew Johnson was president, he was accused of wrong doing by the House of Representatives. Then, he was tried by the Senate. Through this process, Andrew Johnson became the first president to be impeached. Please answer the following questions about impeachment:

What does impeachment mean?

To be removed from office, 2/3 of senators must vote guilty. At the time of Andrew Johnson’s presidency, there were 54 senators, so it would take 36 guilty votes to convict, or to be found guilty. Thirty-five senators vote to convict Andrew Johnson.

2.How many votes saved Andrew Johnson from being removed from office?

3. Name the two senators from Tennessee during Andrew Johnson’s presidency. How did they vote?

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