Andrew Johnson Timeline

1808 Andrew Johnson is born in Raleigh, NC

1810 Eliza McCardle born

1812 Jacob Johnson, Andrew's father, dies

1818 Andrew Johnson is apprenticed to James Selby

1824 Andrew Johnson runs away from his apprenticeship and a reward notice is posted for his return; he travels extensively throughout the South

1826 Andrew Johnson arrives in Greeneville, TN with his mother and step-father

1827 Andrew Johnson marries Eliza McCardle

1828 Martha Johnson is born

1829 Andrew Johnson is elected alderman of Greeneville

1830 Charles Johnson is born

1830 Andrew Johnson purchases the Tailor Shop at public auction

1832 Mary Johnson is born

1834 Andrew Johnson is elected mayor of Greeneville

1834 Robert Johnson is born

1835 Andrew Johnson becomes a state representative

1837 Andrew Johnson is defeated for re-election

1839 Andrew Johnson becomes a state representative

1841 Andrew Johnson becomes a state senator

1842 Andrew Johnson purchases slaves Dolly and Sam

1843 Andrew Johnson is elected from the first congressional district as a United States Representative for the first of five terms

1845 Andrew Johnson is reelected to Congress

1846 Andrew Johnson introduces the Homestead Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives

1847 Andrew Johnson is reelected to Congress

1849 Andrew Johnson is reelected to Congress

1851 Andrew Johnson is reelected to Congress

1852 Andrew Johnson Jr. (Frank) is born

1853 Andrew Johnson becomes Governor of Tennessee

1855 Andrew Johnson re-elected Governor of Tennessee

1857 Andrew Johnson becomes a U.S. Senator

1857 Andrew Johnson introduces the Homestead Bill in the U.S. Senate

1859 Robert Johnson becomes a member of the TN state legislature

1861 Andrew Johnson remains loyal to the Union at the outbreak of the Civil War and keeps his Senate seat when Tennessee secedes

1862 Andrew Johnson is appointed military governor of Tennessee and resigns from the Senate

1863 Charles Johnson dies from injuries sustained after a fall from a horse. He was serving as an assistant surgeon with the Union army outside of Nashville, TN

1864 Andrew Johnson elected Vice-President of the United States

1865 President Lincoln is assasinated and Andrew Johnson is sworn in as the 17th President of the United States

1865 President Johnson appoints provisional governors for seven of the former Confederate states

1865 President Johnson presents his First Annual Message to Congress

1866 The University of North Carolina awards President Johnson an Honorary Doctorate

1866 President Johnson holds a reception at the White House for Queen Emma of the Sandwich Islands, now known as Hawaii. This was the first time a queen had visited the White House.

1866 To try to persuade the public to elect a Congress sympathetic with his plan of reconstruction, President Johnson tours the Northeast and Midwest in his "Swing Around the Circle" campaign. The attempt fails.

1867 President Johnson vetoes the Tenure of Office Act and the Military Reconstruction Bills

1867 President Johnson suspends Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton

1867 The Senate approves the purchase of Alaska from Russia

1868 President Johnson removes Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War

1868 President Johnson is impeached by the House of Representatives on February 24th.

1868 President Johnson is acquitted by the Senate on May 16th & 26th.

1869 Andrew Johnson and his family return to Greeneville

1869 Robert Johnson dies

1869 Andrew Johnson's try for another term as United States Senator is defeated.

1872 Andrew Johnson runs for the United States House of Representatives but he is defeated.

1875 Andrew Johnson is elected to the United States Senate and attends a special session. He remains the only U.S. President to return to the Senate.

1875 Andrew Johnson dies of a stroke while visiting his daughter Mary in Carter County, TN

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