Basic Information

There are four distinct seasons in East Tennessee, but temperature and weather conditions can vary widely within those seasons. Spring and Fall are generally pleasant with frequent rain showers. Summer and Winter ranges can be extreme. The President's Homestead is not climate controlled and may be closed at times during excessive highs or lows in the summer and winter.

Entrance Fees:

Free Admission - $0.00

All areas of the site are free, but tickets are required for the Presidential Homestead tour. These tickets are available at the Visitor Center.

Entrance Passes:

Entrance passes not available - $0.00

As the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site is free, there is no distribution of or need for annual passes.

Andrew Johnson NHS Visitor Center

Begin your visit to the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site at the Visitor Center. Here you will receive orientation to the other parts of the park, in addition to general information, brochures, and directions. The Visitor Center houses the site's 13 1/2 minute film "Defender of the Constitution," the Presidential museum, Andrew Johnson's original Tailor Shop, and the Eastern National bookstore.


Guided tours are available for the Homestead. Tour times are 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30. Visitors must acquire tickets from the Visitor Center, and tickets are available until 15 minutes before the time of the tour. Tickets are not available after this 15 minute cut off. The Homestead is located 2 1/2 blocks from the Visitor Center, and this limit has been initiated to give the guide and the visitors time to reach the Homestead safely, as well as to enable the guide to ready the Homestead for the tour.

Tours of the Homestead require standing, walking, and negotiating three flights of stairs. There are no public facilities at the Homestead. In the summer and winter, visitors should be advised that over half the rooms have outside porch entrances and that they should dress accordingly. Temperatures fluctuate and can be extreme during the summer and winter months. In times of excessive heat or cold, be aware that the Homestead tours may be cancelled. Check at the Visitor Center for tour availability, or call 423-638-3551.


Parking is available at the Visitor Center, the Homestead, the Administrative Offices, and at the President's grave-site on the crest of Monument Hill.

Last updated: July 6, 2016

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