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Painter with small easel works by open ocean
Lise Greil, of Indianapolis, IN, shares this image from Sept 19 of a painter using a smartphone to snap a photo of the coastline in Acadia. "Hiking the path along Otter Cove I spotted this artist out on the rocks. Nevermind what he was painting, but was more impressed with his climbing skills to get out there and the balancing act with all his gear.  I never spoke to him, but hope one day he discovers this photo so I can say thanks for the image and send him a copy."

Photo by Lise Greil @lisegreil. Used with permission.


Creating New Ways For Visitors to Experience Acadia

Art and artists have played a key role in the history of Maine’s Down East Region, and the founding of Acadia National Park. The park now hosts two programs dedicated to creating new ways for visitors to experience Acadia through the arts.


In exchange for a two-week immersive experience in Acadia, artists lead one outreach presentation for the public, and donate within one year one work of art that depicts a fresh and innovative new perspective of the park for visitors that's drawn from their own experience.

An open call for applications for 2018 residencies ends on Mon Jan 15. A public announcement of selections is expected in March. Learn More

A comprehensive and permanent Online Catalog is now under development for artworks donated by Artists-in-Residence.

AcadiaNPS Arts Community

Beginning in November 2017, Acadia park staff hope to enter into discussions with local artists, gallery owners, volunteers, and subject matter experts about creating a new community approach for hosting arts enrichment experiences for Acadia's park visitors.

  • Accomplished local artists might register to take part in a regular schedule of art demonstrations at popular park destinations, or to lead outreach activities for visiting school groups.
  • Gallery owners might offer to host an outreach event, or to provide space for temporary public display of a piece from the Artist-in-Residence collection.
  • Volunteers and subject matter experts might join a corps of arts docents — to facilitate outreach events; to host and escort visiting artists and dignitaries; or to provide assistance and expertise in appropriate storage and public display of artwork from the Artist-in-Residence collection.

If you live and create in Maine's Down East region and want to take part in the formative discussions for this new program, please email park staff.
Oil painting on easel on Acadia coastline
Painting and photo by Layne Johnson. Used with permission.

Last updated: November 14, 2017

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