Ingrid Hess

Four colorful graphic designs for children about Acadia National Park

Courtesy of Ingrid Hess. Used with permission


My poster series, “ACADIA: Fascinating Facts for Curious Kids” was inspired by the remarkable beauty and wonder of the park and by the many dedicated elementary school teachers who teach environmental sustainability to their students. Using cut-paper for the artwork was a logical choice for me because the natural fiber of the paper and the slight inconsistency of the dyes helps me capture the uniqueness of our natural landscapes.

Ingrid Hess

Ingrid Hess
Ingrid Hess

Ingrid Hess is a graphic design professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, a book designer and an artist. Her work is heavily influenced by her roots. The theme of simplicity comes from her Amish/Mennonite heritage. The bright colors and patterns are inspired by art from Costa Rica (her childhood home for four years). Hess has an MFA in graphic design with an emphasis in the book arts from Indiana University and worked in publishing for 12 years prior to joining academia. Her dual passions of design and illustration work well together and help her tell stories through pictures. Hess’ work focuses on social justice issues and ways in which design can empower children to better understand and engage with these issues. Hess’s recent work has addressed issues of fair trade, environmentalism, immigration, peace, consumption, and literacy.

Children's poster with many different graphics and text explaining different fun facts about the cultural and natural resources of Acadia National Park. This poster focuses on forests and the images are made from cut paper.
Acadia Fascinating Facts: Forests

Courtesy of Ingrid Hess. Used with permission.


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