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  • Road Construction Delays on Park Roads for 2014 Season

    Expect occasional 15-minute to 1-hour delays in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on weekdays only (times vary), including delays to/from the General Sherman Tree, Crystal Cave, and Grant Grove. More »

  • Vehicle Length Limits in Sequoia National Park (if Entering/Exiting Hwy 198)

    Planning to see the "Big Trees" in Sequoia National Park? If you enter/exit via Hwy. 198, and your vehicle is longer than 22 feet (combined length), please pay close attention to vehicle length advisories for your safety and the safety of others. More »

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    We are experiencing technical problems receiving incoming phone calls. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us an email to SEKI_Interpretation@nps.gov or check the "More" link for trip-planning information. More »

Trail Conditions

This website will be updated as trail conditions are reported by visitors and park staff. Reports are limited or may be unavailable in the winter months. Conditions may be reported by e-mail using the following link: e-mail us

Snowpack measurements made in the parks as of May 5 show that there is approximately 29% of the average snowpack in the Kings and San Joaquin River Drainages, 6% in the Kaweah River Drainage, and 14% in the Kern River Drainage. Snowpack data are available at http://cdec.water.ca.gov/snow/

Climbing Mt. Langley?

Northern Kings Canyon Park
Cedar Grove/Road's End
Grant Grove/Roaring River

Foothills (Ash Mountain)/South Fork
Mineral King

East Side (Inyo National Forest)



Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Evolution Valley/Basin 7/8 no report
Muir Pass 7/14 One patch of snow on the south side. Many water crossings, all easy to get across.
Bishop Pass/LeConte Canyon/Dusy Basin/Palisade Creek 7/14

Some snow on top of Bishop Pass, otherwise trail free of snow and in good condition. Between Palisade Lakes and Leconte Ranger Station, many downed trees - approximately 17.

Mather Pass 7/21 Trail crew is working on the north side. The trail may be impassable to stock for a day or two at a time.
Bench Lake Area 6/16 Bench Lake is thawed.

Pinchot Pass


Free of snow and stock passable

Middle Fork Kings River 7/8 12 landslides along trail. Not stock passable. Trail crew currently working on the trail. project should be completed in a month or so.
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Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Lewis Creek/Kennedy Pass 8/28

First water source is Comb Creek. Water is very low on the trail - there is still access to water at Frypan Meadow. Next water source would be 2 miles beyond Kennedy Pass. Dead Pine Ridge trail is unmaintained, brushy, and easy to lose. A map is necessary for navigation through that area.

Copper Creek 8/28

First water source is 2.5mi in, water is low but flowing at lower and upper tent meadows. Water in the Granite Basin is limited to the lakes. Dougherty creek to the north is still flowing. Rattlesnakes and mosquitoes will be found in lower elevations.

Woods Creek 8/28 Good access to water up to JMT jct. Rattlesnakes are active in the lower elevations and a few mosquitoes are still present. Face flies are abundant until Middle Paradise. Lower Paradise pit toilet is FULL and should not be used.
Glen Pass 7/16 Snow free and stock passable.
Kearsarge Pass 7/6

Snow free. Trail in good condition.

Bubbs Creek


Good access to water up to JMT jct. Crossing at East Lake has dropped and is a few feet deep - passable, but still swift. Rattlesnakes are active in the lower elevations and a few mosquitoes are still present

Avalanche Pass 8/28

Very little water - all forks of Sphinx are flowing and that will be the best source. Collect water when you come across it.

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Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Sugarloaf Valley/Roaring River 7/17 Snow Free. 40 trees down between pass and Roaring River but all passable (stock and hikers)
Colby Pass/Cloud Canyon 9/3

Boulder (half size of a car) on the north side near the top of the switchbacks. Stock passable with caution.

Elizabeth Pass/Deadman Canyon 7/8

First two miles down from the top of the pass on the south side are badly eroded in sections. In some places the trail is indecipherable and heavily eroded, but route finding is simple. Elizabeth pass is snow free and stock passable on both sides.

JO Pass 7/16

no report

Lots of down trees make minor route finding necessary. The sign at the junction of Rowell Meadow and JO Pass is missing.

Seville/Ranger/Lost Lakes/Belle Canyon 9/4 Seville and Lost Lake outlets are no longer running. Gannon Creek trail crossing to the west of Rowell Meadow is still flowing, but very low.
Redwood Canyon 9/26

The fire located to the west of Big Baldy is %100 contained.

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Date Conditions
Twin Lakes Trail

7/10 Snow free trail in good condition. Clover and Silliman creeks flowing well. Lots of mosquitoes.
Alta Trail

7/2 Small section in Giant Forest area rerouted due to prescribed burn. Does not impact trail if starting from the Wolverton parking area. See map and press release here: http://www.nps.gov/seki/parknews/newsreleases.htm

Pear Lake Trail

*Winter: Reservations are required at the Pear Lake Hut.

Visit www.sequoiahistory.org


Snow free trail in good conditions. Lots of mosquitoes.

High Sierra Trail


Panther, Mehrten and Buck creeks flowing. Snow free.Non potable water is available at Bearpaw campground.50 downed trees in Chagoopa Plateau. May be impassable to stock. Big Arroyo trail between Littlle 5 lakes and Big 5 lakes drainages, the trail dissapears in many meadows.

Lone Pine Creek/Tamarack Lake

7/16 no report
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FOOTHILLS: Be aware of poison oak, ticks, and rattlesnakes in these areas.

Trail/Destination Date Conditions

Middle Fork Trail 7/16 High temperatures

Garfield Grove Trail (S. Fork Rd)
7/16 High temperatures

Ladybug Trail (S. Fork Rd.)


High temperatures

Lower Colony Mill Trail (N. Fork Rd.)

7/16 High temperatures
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Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Paradise Ridge Trail 7/22

Downed trees make trail to Paradise Peak difficult to find. Some route finding skills are necessary.

Timber Gap 7/22

snow free

Glacier Pass 7/11 snow free
Little Five/Big Five Lakes 7/11

One tree down between little 5 lakes and Big Arroyo

Blackrock Pass 7/17 Snow Free
Sawtooth Pass 7/17

pass is snow-free

6/13/2014 - A patch of snow before Monarch Lakes has good boot tracks, but hiking poles helpful. Columbine Lake still completely frozen.

Franklin Lakes/Franklin Pass 7/17

Pass is snow free.

6/13/2014 -Florence Peak requires full winter mountaineering equipment.

Farewell Gap 7/17 Snow Free.
White Chief/Eagle Lake/Mosquito Lakes 7/17 Snow Free.
Atwell/Hockett Trail 7/23

Snow Free. Several rattlesnake sightings. South Fork and Hunter creek low and flowing slow. Horse creek dry. Whitman creek has stagnant water at Hockett Meadow.

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Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Forester Pass 7/17

Snow Free stock passable.

Tyndall Area 7/16

May be patchy snow on north facing slopes above 13,000 ft.

Crabtree Meadow/Whitney Area 7/16

patchy snow above 13,000 ft.

Rock Creek/Miter Basin 7/16

Snow Free.

Trail from Soldier lake to Rock creek is maintained and stock passable.

Kern Canyon 7/16

May be patchy snow above 13,000 ft on north facing slopes.

Siberian Pass Creek 5/16

expect snow above 10,000 ft.

Rattlesnake/Soda Creeks 5/16

expect snow above 10,000 ft.

Big Arroyo/Nine Lake Basin 5/16

expect snow above 10,000 ft.

Kern-Kaweah/Colby Pass 5/29

North side of Colby pass is holding snow.

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EAST SIDE (INYO NATIONAL FOREST) For further information on the following trails, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Office at 760-873-2400.

Trail/Destination Date Conditions
Bishop Pass 6/17 South side snow free. North side has two patches of snow requiring caution to navigate. Lakes on the east side of the pass are ice free.

Piute Pass


small patch of snow near the pass. Otherwise, snow free.

Taboose Pass 6/16

A few small snow patches above 11,000 ft.on both sides.

Sawmill Pass 5/16

expect snow above 10,000 ft.

Large sections of trail washed out.

Baxter Pass 5/16

expect snow above 10,000 ft.

This trail is extremely difficult to follow due to damage caused by fire and flash floods in previous years. It is not recommended for most hikers.

Kearsarge Pass 6/4

Trail nearly snow free to pass. Heart and Big Pothole Lake are frozen.

The three food-storage lockers will NOT be available for use.

Shepherd Pass 7/23

One snow patch 50 ft long on the east side near the top. There are boot tracks but hiking poles helpful.

ADVISORY Not stock passable. A flash flood has created several gullies 20-30 ft. deep with near-vertical faces along the trail between Mahogany Flat and the Pothole on the east side (Inyo NF) side of Shepherd Pass. Symmes Creek near the eastern end of the trail is also scoured out...in places up to 50-60 ft wide and 20 ft deep. Hikers attempting to cross the gullies are at risk of dislodging rocks and causing severe injuries.

Mount Whitney Trail 6/18

mostly snow free. Still some ice on the switchbacks.

Old Army Pass 7/22

trail is snow-free. See information about climbing Mt. Langley at top of page.

New Army Pass 7/22

snow free. See information about climbing Mt. Langley at top of page.

Cottonwood Pass 6/16

snow free

For further information on other trails East of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center at 760-876-6222↑ Return to top
New Army Pass
New Army Pass
Photo by N. Ver

Did You Know?

California flag with a grizzly bear on it.

Although California's state flag has a grizzly bear on it, no grizzlies live in California anymore. The last known grizzly in the state was shot in 1922 just outside what is now Kings Canyon National Park. The remaining bears are all black bears -- no matter what color they are.