Day Hikes

two men hiking on a boardwalk through sparse forest

The Tanalian trail system from Port Alsworth offers great day hiking opportunities.

NPS Photo / Kent Miller

Enjoy a climb up to alpine lakes and tundra meadows, a stroll across river gravel bars, or a challenging bushwhack up to a seldom-visited waterfall. While day hiking opportunities are endless in places that can be reached by plane or boat there is only one maintained trail system. The Tanalian Trail system originates in Port Alsworth in the heart of the park.

Tanalian Trails

The Tanalian Trail system originates in the community of Port Alsworth on the southern shore of Lake Clark. Stop by the park visitor center in Port Alsworth for current trail conditions and directions to the trailhead. Download a Tanalian-area trail map


Tanalian Trails

Trails around Tanalian Mountain, in Lake Clark National Park
a waterfall split into two halves by a large rock at its base

Tanalian Falls

M. Richotte

Tanalian Falls and Kontrashibuna Lake

Difficulty: Moderate

Meandering through birch groves and up spruce studded hillsides with stunning views of Lake Clark this trail passes roaring Tanalian Falls on its way to the serenity of Kontrashibuna Lake.

a sparse forest with a pond among its trees, in front of a large lake and distant mountains

Beaver Pond and Lake Clark.

M. Richotte

Beaver Pond Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Any hike in the Tanalian Trail system can be made into a loop by returning on the Beaver Pond Trail. This trail meanders through quiet birch groves and past an old beaver pond where shorebirds nest in the early summer.

a tall mountain on the far side of a lake

Tanalian Mountain.

NPS photo/K Miller

Tanalian Mountain

Difficulty: Rigorous

The trail up Tanalian Mountain is steep and rigorous with stunning panoramic views of Lake Clark and the surrounding mountains.


Coastal Beach Hike

Difficulty: Easy

Excellent seasonal fishing (salmon runs from July to October). Great views, plentiful camping sites. This is a great way to get away from people as you will be traveling through areas that are not commonly visited. Learn more about hiking the beach along Cook Inlet.


Other Day Hikes

A boat or plane ride can provide access to endless opportunities for day hiking. While there are not additional maintained trails in the park, lakeshores, coastal beaches, and high tundra offer excellent hiking. When flying or boating to remote locations for day trips make sure you are prepared to spend the night if unexpected weather makes that necessary.



Remember, a day hike can turn into a night spent outside if you get lost or injured. Please carry basic safety equipment and be prepared for inclement weather. It is always helpful to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Read up on how to stay safe in the park.

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