The maps in this section are for trip planning purposes only. They should not be used for navigation or backpacking. Use navigational charts and tide tables for navigation. Topographic maps of the park are available through Alaska Geographic.

Most maps listed below are in Adobe PDF format. Download Acrobat Reader for free.

Official Park Map 2012

Official Kenai Fjords National Park map.

Kenai Fjords National Park - Brochure/Map (2012)
Kenai Fjords National Park brochure/map (12.7 MB)
Park Map (8.7 MB)
Park Map (JPEG format, with low-resolution)

Many of our maps are produced at the Harpers Ferry Center, which specializes in interpretive design for the National Park Service.

High-Resolution Satellite Map (2004): This map was produced by the National Park Service-Alaska Region GIS team. It is a very large file (137 MB). Please contact the park if you would like a digital copy mailed to you (CD-Rom format).

Exit Glacier Trails Map 2012

Exit Glacier Area Trails

Trail map of Exit Glacier Area
Official Exit Glacier map - from park brochure/map
Exit Glacier map - satellite image, with written trail descriptions and distances
"Exploring Exit Glacier" - with photo and written descriptions

Harding Icefield Trail Map

Harding Icefield Trail

Trail Map to the Harding Icefield
Harding Icefield Trail map - satellite image, with distances.
"Exploring the Harding Icefield" - with photo and written descriptions.


Camping and Landing Beaches Maps
Throughout Kenai Fjords National Park are many beautiful coves that are only accessible by kayak or water taxi. The following maps will show the location of the various campgrounds, and the food storage lockers that are located near by. For descriptions of the various locations, check out Camping & Landing Beaches.

Kayaking in Kenai Fjords Map
Food Storage Locations Map

*These are local names, and not recognized by the US Geological Survey's Board on Geographic Names.
National Parks of Alaska

National Parks of Alaska

National Parks of Alaska - Brochure/Map (2011)
National Parks of Alaska (1.6 MB) - Official NPS brochure, with contact information for the state's 17 national park units and 4 public lands information centers.

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