Public Transportation

The Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad stops at four stations throughout the park. The following park facilities are within two miles of stations listed.

  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Visitor Center: Dune Park Station, walk west on Highway 12 under the bridge, turn left and walk south on Highway 49 for about 2 miles. After going over the bridge for Highway 20 you will see the visitor center on the left. Continue walking south to the Munson Road that leads to the building.
  • Calumet Dunes Trail: Dune Park Station, follow Calumet Bike Trail (on north side of tracks) 2 miles east, (right) to Kemil Road, then right 100 yards or Beverly Shores Station, follow Calumet Bike Trail (north edge of parking lot), 1 1/2 miles west (left) to Kemil Road, then left 100 yards.
  • Dunewood Campground: Beverly Shores Station, walk south on Broadway 1/2 mile.
  • Tolleston Dunes Trail: Ogden Dunes Station, walk west 1/2 mile along Hwy 12.
  • Indiana Dunes State Park: Dune Park Station, walk north 1/2 mile on trail to park entrance (beach is 2 miles from station).
  • Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education and Miller Woods: Miller Station, walk 2 miles north (left at Stop light) on Lake Street (beach 3 miles from station)
  • Lake View Beach: Beverly Shores Station, walk north along Broadway 1 mile to beach
Gary Public Transportation Corporations: Bus route 13 (Oak & County Line Road) passes directly in front of the Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education and close to the entrance of West Beach. The Douglas Center and West Beach are located in the park's west end.
  • Paul H. Douglas Center: East bound riders can get off the bus at the corner of 4th & Lake Street and walk about 2 blocks north on Lake Street to the center. West bound riders should ask the driver to stop in front of the center located on Lake Street between Birch and 3rd Street. If the driver is unable to stop in front of the center, then get off at the corner of 3rd and Lake Street and walk about 1 block north.
  • West Beach: The east bound bus stops at the corner of Pottawatomi Trails and County Line Road. After exiting the bus, walk about 1/4 mile south along County Line Road. When you reach the West Beach access road, walk along that road into West Beach.
  • Fare Structure: visit the Gary Public Transportation Corporations web page for current fares

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