Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy

Costas Dillon, NPS Collection



  • Year-round restroom facilities
  • 100-vehicle parking lot including bus & RV parking spaces
  • Information board listing current park activities

Street Address / Road Intersection
U.S. Highway 12
Michigan City

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Mount Baldy Trail

Access to Mount Baldy's summit is TEMPORARILY CLOSED. The trail has been rerouted from the southern dune slope, directly north of the parking lot, to a trail that starts approximately 100 yards west of the former starting point. Temporary fencing has been placed at the base and summit of Mount Baldy to close off the former trail and directional signs to the new trail have been installed. ....learn more



  • Swimming (No lifeguards. Swim at your own risk;rip currents and waves can make swimming hazardous.)
  • Walk along a marked trail to the summit of the 126-foot sand dune on your way to Lake Michigan

Fun Facts

  • Mt. Baldy is 126 above the water level of Lake Michigan
  • It is moving at about 4 feet a year. Beach sand moves when the prevailing northwest wind exceeds 7 m.p.h.
  • It is starving. Beach erosion is taking away more sand than the waves are bringing in due to the breakwall that was built for the Michigan City Harbor. To try and correct the effect of the breakwall the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began feeding the beach in 1974. Thus far they have given it four meals:
    • 1974 fine sand trucked in
    • 1983 coarse sand trucked in
    • 1996 early summer 35,000 cubic yards slurried in by pipe from the harbor
    • 1996 late summer 50,000 cubic yards trucked in

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