• Boy Carver Statue by Robert Amendola

    George Washington Carver

    National Monument Missouri

Nature & Science

A park ranger gives instruction on the science of pollination.

A park ranger conducts a mini-lesson on pollination for visitors on the Carver Nature Trail.

George believed all of life's problems could be solved through nature. His scientific exploration began when he was a child living on the Moses Carver Farm.

Today, the park service carries on his legacy by offering hands-on science lessons with students of all ages.

National Park Service and Science

National Park Service-Heartland Inventory & Monitoring Network

Monitoring Reports:

Plant Community Monitoring Baseline Report

Bird Monitoring

Aquatic Invertebrate Monitoring

Invasive Exotic Planting Monitoring

Prairie Management

Fire Ecology Lesson

Did You Know?

Carver in the field

As an instructor and mentor, George Washington Carver found fulfillment in his work with students and farmers. He believed in hands-on education. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.