Protecting the Habitat of Our Heritage

In the Heartland of America, National Parks tell the story of our nation’s heritage. From civil war battlefields, to sites commemorating presidents and scientist, to sacred grounds of the First Americans. The animals and plants, streams, woodlands and prairies of these National Parks are an important piece of that story.

The Heartland Network takes inventory of the species and natural features in its parks, and then monitors them over time to see how they're doing. The National Park Service and its partners use science and education to understand and preserve the Heartland's unique resources and special places.

This network is one of 32 Inventory & Monitoring networks across the country. All are working to provide park managers, researchers, and park visitors with reliable scientific information about key park resources. Learn more about Inventory & Monitoring in our parks.

Map showing the Heartland Network boundary and included parks.
Parks in the Heartland Network

The Heartland Network stretches from Nebraska to Ohio and from Minnesota to Arkansas. Find your park in the Network.

Photo of spring community sampling.
What We Monitor

The Heartland Network monitors vital signs in parks to determine health and trends of different ecosystems.

Bird perched on old fence.
Science Education and Outreach

Heartland Network scientists look for opportunities to engage volunteers to assist with vital signs monitoring.

Last updated: December 20, 2017