• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

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clear day in Glacier Bay

Welcome to Glacier Bay!

If you've ever dreamed of the ice age and wondered how our planet might have looked as it emerged from the grip of massive glaciers, pondered how a river of ice could carve mountains into flour, or wanted to watch the birth of an iceberg, then Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is the place for you! Your visit might include a glimpse of a rare bird, or the howl of a wolf. Perhaps you will join a park ranger for a guided walk through a temperate forest. Or it might be a day sailing up to a massive tidewater glacier.


First you have to choose the experience you are looking for. Are you visiting on a Cruise Ship? Do you want to spend the day visiting the glacier area of the park, the forested shorelines of Bartlett Cove, or both? Would you like to go kayaking? Do you have a few hours or a few days?


This website is filled with information to help you learn about this place and plan your trip. For more information, please contact us. You might also contact the many commercial businesses that offer visitor services in and around the park. For recent happenings, it is fun to connect with us through social media.

The Gustavus Visitors Association provides travel information including places to stay and things to do adjacent to the park. They can be reached at 907-697-2454 or on the web at www.gustavusak.com.

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Did You Know?

Red Squirrel

A red squirrel eats the seeds of about 144 spruce cones each day. This diet allows red squirrels to thrive in the spruce-dominated forests of Lower Glacier Bay. How many spruce cones do you eat each day?