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    Glacier Bay

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Things to Do

Getaway to Glacier Bay
If you've ever dreamed of the ice age and wondered how our planet might have looked as it emerged from the grip of massive glaciers, pondered how a river of ice could carve mountains into flour or wanted to watch the birth of an iceberg, then Glacier Bay National Park is the place for you
Schedule of events
Schedule of events
What's happening?
Activities in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve are as diverse as the park and preserve itself. Whether you have a few hours or a lifetime, whether your idea of adventure is a ranger-led walk or a bivouac in a snow cave, there is plenty to do here! This page is intended to help you plan your visit by providing a broad overview of visitor activities, with links to more detailed information for each of them.

Ranger Activities
In Yakutat and Gustavus/Bartlett Cove, the National Park Service provides exhibits, programs, and trails. Rangers also board cruise ships and tour vessels to present information about Glacier Bay and answer questions. Learn more about what to do in and near Gustavus, and Bartlett Cove.

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Cruising Glacier Bay
As its name implies, Glacier Bay National Park is largely water. Whether on a cruise ship with thousands of other passengers or in a single kayak, most visitors experience Glacier Bay from a boat. Learn more about cruise ships, tour vessels, charter boats, and bringing your own boat to Glacier Bay.


Wilderness Adventures
Glacier Bay is above all a wilderness park and saves its greatest rewards for those who are willing to sweat a bit and sleep on the ground. Learn more about camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, rafting, and mountaineering.

Alsek River rafting

Glacier Bay National Preserve
Glacier Bay National Preserve, northwest of the park, is managed differently than the park. Hunting, trapping, and commercial fishing are allowed here. Learn more about Dry Bay, the Alsek River, the gateway community of Yakutat, and hunting, fishing, and rafting, and mountaineering in the preserve.

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Other Activities

Glacier Bay is a photographer's paradise with its abundant wildlife and many moods.

Flightseeing from nearby communities gives an aerial perspective (weather permitting). For a list of air taxi operators that provide flightseeing tours over Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, see Area Visitor Services.

Birdwatching is a popular activity given the 274 species sighted in the park.

Sport fishing opportunities abound for both fresh and saltwater fish. Alaska State fishing regulations apply, and a valid state fishing license is required.

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Maps, Directions, Operating Hours, Permits

Area Visitor Services is a listing of businesses that provide lodging, transportation, tours, and other useful visitor services.

Be familiar with the rules that protect the park and its visitors.

Learn more about the park's nature and science, history and culture, or management.

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