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  • Portion of Echo Park Closed Due to Mountain Lion Activity

    The closed area includes the group campsite (other campsites remain open), river access area, the adjacent restroom, water spigot and the path following the Green River upstream to its confluence with the Yampa River. A fresh animal kill is in the area.


Regional map showing location of Dinosaur National Monument.
Located on the Colorado and Utah border, Dinosaur National Monument is within a one day drive from several major cities and other national park areas.
Dinosaur road sign

Dinosaur National Monument is located in both Colorado and Utah. Each state provides a chance to visit very distinctive areas of the monument. The east side of the monument located in Colorado provides access to deep canyons along the Green and Yampa rivers. Dramatic views are available along the Harpers Corner Road. There are no dinosaur fossils in the Colorado portion of the monument. The Canyon Visitor Center, which is open from late spring through early fall, is located just off U.S. Highway 40, two miles east of Dinosaur, CO.

The west side of the monument located in Utah features the world-famous dinosaur quarry where visitors can see over 1,500 fossils still embedded in the cliff face. The Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall and Quarry Visitor Center, one-half mile from the Quarry, are open year round. From U.S. Highway 40 in Jensen, Utah, take Utah Highway 149 north to the monument. During the summer, shuttle buses take visitors from the visitor center to the Quarry Exhibit Hall to see the dinosaur fossils. Between October and April, rangers lead visitors up to the Quarry by car caravans.


GPS Devices and Mapping Database Users
If you type Dinosaur National Monument into the search function of your GPS device (and other mapping databases like Google Maps™) the destination you will be given is the monument headquarters located near Dinosaur, Colorado. This may be your intended destination or not. There are no dinosaur fossils in the Colorado portion of the monument. If you want to see Dinosaur Fossils, you must visit the Utah side of the monument near Jensen

Coordinates for the Quarry Visitor Center (Utah side of monument)
Latitude:N 40° 26' 17.0277"
Longitude:W 109° 18' 25.6701"

Did You Know?

Picture overlooking river canyon.

Dinosaur National Monument is as famous for its dramatic canyon scenery as it is for its dinosaur fossils.