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Guided Activities in Denali

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In Denali National Park and Preserve, as in all national parks, commercial business activities are limited and require specific authorization and approval from the National Park Service before any guided activity or business can occur.

You will find that some businesses can conduct activities in only specific areas of Denali. There are references to Wilderness areas, park areas, and preserve areas. These distinct sections of Denali can be seen on various park maps.

This page lists private businesses and non-profits with permission to guide various kinds of experiences in Denali. There are also a variety of free summer park ranger programs available.

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Bus trip information
Mountaineering information
Air taxi, glacier landing and flightseeing information
Dog sled passenger and freight information
Hiking and backpacking information
Sport hunting information
Skiing information
Educational programs
pink flowers in front of a wide gravel riverbar, mountains in the distance
These authorized businesses can help make your visit to Denali a trip of a lifetime.
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Doyon/ARAMARK Joint Venture (JV)
JV holds a concession contract to perform multiple visitor services within Denali. JV is authorized by the National Park Service to provide transportation services, including park shuttle, tour, camper and courtesy buses.

Learn more about JV-provided bus services in Denali

Additional facilities operated by JV include:
  • Morino Grill - to-go items and coffee cart available all day, and serving lunch and dinner.
  • Wilderness Access Center - transportation hub for shuttle buses; source of bus and campground reservations; gift shop and coffee cart available all day
  • Riley Creek Mercantile - camper convenience store, including coffee and deli sandwiches
  • Riley Creek Campground facilities and amenities - laundry and shower house, RV dump station, campground hosts and management
  • Savage River Campground hosts and management
  • Reservations for campgrounds and buses
two buses parked on a dirt road, looking at two grizzly bears
Lucky visitors on these two tour buses view grizzly bears quite close to the Park Road.
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Mountaineering Guides
Six companies offer guided mountaineering "on Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker and other peaks of the Alaska Range within Denali National Park as its boundary existed prior to December 2, 1980."
Other mountaineering guides are permitted, with the issuance of a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA), to guide climbers outside the Wilderness area of Denali, in the "new park additions" that were added after December 2, 1980.

Alaska Mountaineer School, LLC, Alpine Ascents International, Inc., America Alpine Institute, Ltd., Climbing Life Guides, Colorado Mountain School, Mountain Trip, North Cascades Mountain Guides, Rigging for Rescue, San Juan Mountain Guides, Skyward Mountaineering, Southwest Adventure Guides, and St. Elias Alpine Guides.

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huge snow-covered mountain with a large cloud above it
Mt. McKinley dominates the Alaska Range. Six outfitters are authorized to guide climbers on it.
nps photo / kent miller
Air Taxi Services and Glacier Landings
Four air taxi services are authorized to provide air taxi and scenic air tours with glacier landings on the glaciers in the southern park and preserve.
Kantishna Air Taxi provides air taxi services between the McKinley Park Airstrip, at the park entrance, and the Kantishna Airstrip, as well as flightseeing services from Kantishna.

Other air taxi companies may operate in the preserve areas of the park.

40-Mile Air Taxi, Atkins Guiding & Flying Service (907-768-2143), Denali Air, Inc., Sheldon Air Service, Kantishna Air Taxi, Lake Clark Air, Rust's Flying Service, Talkeetna Air Taxi, Wrangell Mountain Air, and Wright Air Service.

Learn more about flight-seeing in Denali

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Dog Sledding - Passenger and Freight Service

Passenger service

Two concessioners offer overnight sled dog passenger service and overnight sled dog-supported ski trips within Denali National Park and Preserve.

Freight service
Denali North Side Supply offers freight hauling via dog sled within Denali National Park and Preserve. To contact:

Hiking Guides
Kantishna area companies
There are private companies based in Kantishna that are authorized to provide guided hiking services.
Day hiking
Other companies are permitted, through the issuance of a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) to lead day hikes outside the Wilderness area of the park.

AIE Tours, Alaska Alpine Adventures, Alaska Outdoors, LLC, Alyeska Wilderness Guides, America and Pacific (A&P), Backroads, Canadian Wilderness Travel, Denali Sightseeing Safaris, LLC, Explore Denali, Exposure Alaska, Ltd., Get Up & Go! Tours, LLC, Marshall Public Schools, Natural Habitat Adventures, Off the Beaten Path, Ruby Range Adventures, Ltd., and Tamarack Camps

Three companies are permitted, through the issuance of a CUA, to guide backpackers outside the Wilderness area of the park.
Learn more about hiking on your own in Denali
Learn more about backpacking in the park

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Sport Hunting Guides
Two Alaska State-registered guide/outfitters are authorized to provide hunting guide services in the southwest preserve area of Denali.
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Skiing Guides
Two companies are authorized, through the issuance of a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA), to operate outside the Wilderness area of the park.
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Educational Programs
The Murie Science and Learning Center (MSLC) focuses its mission on providing research, discovery, and learning opportunities within arctic and subarctic national parks to promote appreciation and caring for our natural and cultural heritage. Through the MSLC, the Park Service partners with professional education groups to offer a wide diversity of education programs aimed at youth, lifetime learners, and custom education groups. If you wish to bring a science or education group to Denali, you may want to explore these free and fee-based programs.

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