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Ranger and child demonstrating how to start a fire

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Capitol Reef for Kids!

  • Become a Junior Ranger
  • Get your feet wet watching waterbugs
  • Hike a trail
  • Eat a fruit pie at the Gifford House
Junior Ranger Logo


Junior Ranger Program

Open to children of all ages. Free Junior Ranger booklet available at the visitor center and Ripple Rock Nature Center. Complete required activities to receive a signed certificate and a free badge. Junior Ranger patches available for purchase!

Junior Geologist Patch


Junior Geologist Program

Free program is offered Memorial Day to Labor Day, check the visitor center for specific dates and times. Discover geology, the formation of the Waterpocket Fold, colorful rock layers, and the effects of erosion. Complete the activities to earn a certificate and patch.


Visitor with a family fun pack

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Family Fun Pack

Fun for the whole family! This backpack, full of activities, games and materials, is loaned out for Free at the visitor center or the Ripple Rock Nature Center. What's inside?

  • pioneer games
  • tools to read a contour map
  • tools to identify night constellations
  • tools to improve your bird-watching skills

Children at the Ripple Rock Nature Center sign

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Ripple Rock Nature Center

Located on the Scenic Drive, just south of the visitor center. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day, check the visitor center for specific dates and times. Special programs offered in summer. At the Nature Center, kids can:

  • spin wool
  • pretend to milk a cow
  • make cornmeal on a prehistoric grinding stone
  • identify fossils
  • play with animal puppets

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