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    Capitol Reef

    National Park Utah

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For park information by mail, please write to:

Information Packet Request
Capitol Reef National Park
HC 70 Box 15
Torrey, UT 84775

Please provide your complete mailing address and the type of information you would like to receive. You may download trip planners and other brochures from this website.

For park information by phone, call:

(435) 425-3791

Fax requests to: (435) 425-3026

E-mail: CARE Interpretation

The park Visitor Center is located at the junction of the park's Scenic Drive and Utah Highway 24. Our physical address is 16 Scenic Drive, Torrey UT 84775

Did You Know?

Hiker resting under a tree, enjoying the shade

Excessive consumption of water during prolonged strenuous exertion can flush critical salts from your body and cause an electrolyte imbalance. Include sports drinks and/or salty snacks in your diet during long desert hikes.