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The Koshare Indian Museum is patterned after the Pueblo architecture found throughout the southwest, featuring the world's largest self supporting log roof and housing a magnificent collection of Native American art and artifacts. The museum was built through the efforts of and is home to the Koshare Indian Dancers - Troop 232 and Venturing Crew 2230 of the Rocky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Photo courtesy of the Koshare Indian Museum

Koshare Indian Museum

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Southeast Colorado has a number of heritage sites and diverse prairie and river ecosystems waiting to be discovered. The Southeast Colorado Heritage site provides valuable information about this and ongoing special events.

Did You Know?

Bullet making

Frontiersmen carried bars of lead and made their own bullets using a ladle and a bullet mold. Heated over a hot fire, the molten lead was poured into the mold, let cool and then opened, allowing the bullet to fall out.