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2015 Schedule of Events
Note: Events are subject to change. Check this website or phone (719) 383-5026 for details and more information about these and other special events.

trails and rails

Trails and Rails volunteers tell the story to Amtrak travellers.

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Trails and Rails Trips - May 7 - September 10, 2015 - Narrated excursions aboard Amtrak's Southwest Chief depart La Junta, Colorado on Sundays and Fridays for overnight trips to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ride the train as it follows the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail up and over Raton Pass. Interpreters will tell the stories of the people, plants and animals that are found along the way. Train tickets must be purchased through AMTRAK. For information about this narrated tour which is part of the National Park Service's Trails &Rail Program, call (719) 383-5024.

The domestic women cook over an open hearth.

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Living History Encampment - June 3-7, 2015
Pre-registered participants live the life of a trader, trapper, craftsman, togographical engineer, laborer or domestic learning 19th century work and life skills from living historians. Two of the five days will be spent in classroom study and the remainder in first person role, 24 hours a day. Visitors can best see them in action on Friday and Saturday June 5 and 6. For those who want to try for graduated college credit form Adams State University, the participant will have assignments and testing for 2 hours of credit. Click here for an application. For more information about the event call (719) 383-5023.

The 4th of July parade.

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Frontier Fourth of July Celebration
Join in with the trappers, traders, and Bent and St. Vrain company employees as they celebrate Independence Day the way it was done in the 1840s. A parade, period speeches, cannon firings, games, and debates will dominate the scene. The Fourth of July was one of the few holidays that was celebrated in the 1840s. Independence from England was only a couple generations earlier and fresh in many minds. Many frontiersman found a way to celebrate, usually by firing the guns, racing and gaming. Visitors will want to put in for a drawing for a 27 star U.S. flag that has flown over the fort that is accurate to the fort's time period.

Kid's Quarters event.

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Kid's Quarters - July 11, 2015
Children ages 7 to 11, get to "step back in time" and experience the life of a trader, trapper, carpenter, blacksmith, soldier laborer or cook from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Pre-registration required. Call (719) 383-5026 for application starting May 1, 2015


Fur Trade Symposium emblem.

2015 Fur Trade Symposium
On 23-26 September 2015, Bent's Old Fort N.H.S. will host the National Fur Trade Symposium. For the first time in 27 years, this Symposium will return to the Southern trapping and trading areas of the 19th Century. Registration and a fee will be rquired for the on and offsite parts of the program. The 2015 affair will be an opportunity to learn from the most highly qualified speakers, see and experience what life was like for all those involved in the Southern Rockies and Southern Plains fur industry. Numerous Living History demonstrators, of a number of ethnic groups and occupations, will, throughout the event, reveal what their life was like at the time. Period food, entertainment and other tastes of life at Bent's Fort will bring the attendees a truer feeling for the era and the lifestyle at Bent's Fort during its existence, 1833-1849. Click here for the event's website.
waiting to break the pinata

Kids try to break the pinata in the plaza.

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Holiday Celebration - December 4-5, 2015
Witness for yourself the joys, pleasures and pastimes of the 1840s at an isolated trading post. The spirit of the season comes alive with wagon rides, games, toy making, taffy pull, pinata break, frontier cooking, storytelling, and other holiday festivities. The event begins Friday evening, December 4 with candlelight tours of the fort and continues all through Saturday, December 6 culminate with andother evneint o candlelight tours. For reservations for the evening tour, phone (719) 383-5016 after November 1, 2015.

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