Explore an Extinct Cinder Cone Volcano

Part of the 8,000 square mile Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field, Capulin Volcano showcases the volcanic geology of northeastern New Mexico.  The views are spectacular day or night, with views of 4 different states from the volcanic rim and one of the darkest night skies in the country.

Whether it's a quick stop or a day's trip, enjoy exploring the landscape of this unique volcano!

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Learn about the eruption of Capulin Volcano and how it has shaped the landscape in this classic park film.

Capulin Volcano, in the distance, is framed by gate posts and a windmill from the plains.

Learn About the History of Capulin

Capulin Volcano has been the Sentinel of the Plains for 60,000 years. Standing watch over the history of the area from Folsom Man to Today.

A Bull Elk stands in the snow outside the Visitors Center.

Learn about the Natural Side of Capulin

The dynamic landscape allows numerous plants and animals to live around the volcano. Learn more about who calls Capulin home.

Last updated: April 22, 2022

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