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A table holding printed guides showing how permits in Zion work.
Map and Guide

Planning a trip to Zion National Park can be challenging. The park newspaper contains a wealth of information to help you plan your visit.

A backpacker walks on a trail, heading towards white sandstone formations.

Spend a night backpacking in the impressive Zion Wilderness.

Two bikers on a road surrounded by trees and red rock.

The Pa'rus Trail and Zion Canyon Scenic Drive are accessible to bicycles.

A bird sits on a rock.

Zion is home to 291 species of birds. Bird checklists are available at the visitor centers.

A camping trailer sits in a campground, with red cliffs in the background

Zion has three campgrounds. Watchman Campground takes reservations from March through late November.

A person rappels into a slot canyon, with blue sky visible high above.

Learn about canyoneering in Zion and how to get a permit.

A climber on a sheer red cliff face.

Find out about climbing in Zion and how to get a permit for overnight bivouacs.

A hiker takes a picture overlooking steep cliffs

Zion offers many trails ranging from short walks to strenuous adventures.

Two horses, with riders, cross a river.
Guided Horseback Riding

Guided trips are available March through October. Call 1-435-679-8665 or visit

Red rock with snow on it extends high above a green forest.
Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyons, located in the northwest corner of Zion National Park, offers different scenery from the main canyon.

Two hikers walk in a river between towering walls.
The Narrows

Plan your hike into the Virgin River Narrows. Hiking options include day hikes from the bottom-up and top-down, and overnight from top-down.

A ranger speaks into a bus speaker
Ranger-led Activities

Join a park ranger and learn more about Zion. Check the Park Map and Guide for times, places, and subjects.

Visitors float down the Virgin River on inflatable kayaks.
River Trips

Learn about rules and regulations for float trips in Zion. Find out when the Virgin River in Zion is open for boating.

Visitors on horseback take in the scenery.
Stock Use

Horses and other stock animals are allowed on select Wilderness trails. Learn the rules and regulations here.

Orange cliffs glow in the light of sunrise.
Sunrise and Sunset

While the red cliffs surrounding Zion are impressive in every light, they are extraordinary in the warm hues of sunrise and sunset.

Large cliffs are silhouetted against a starry night sky

Tips for where and how to stargaze in Zion!


Last updated: July 2, 2024

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