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Zion National Park is home to hundreds of flowering plant species. This mobile app allows users to identify more than 200 of the most common flowering plants found throughout the park. The app provides descriptions, photographs, and general information about each of the plants included in the app. Users of this app can identify flowering plants by conducting searches using plant characteristics such as number of petals, flower color, flower shape, and leaf arrangement.

Zion National Park is also home to dozens of tree species. This app allows users to identify the park’s most common tree species. The app provides photographs, descriptions, and general information about each of the tree species included in the app.

The content for this app was compiled by the Resources Management Division of Zion National Park using fee dollars collected at the park entrance. Thank you to those who have visited Zion and paid an entrance fee.

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The app is free and available on the App Store.


Participate in the Watchman Trail Wildflower Phenology Study

Citizen Science Opportunity March - October
Phenology is the study of the timing of plant and animal life cycle events. Monitoring these events helps us better understand how the timing of these events are related to climate. You can help park scientists with a wildflower phenology study.

A wildflower phenology study has been set up along the Watchman Trail. Plants have been selected for observation along the lower portion of the trail and are identified with plant markers. Participants record the status of the plant, whether it is budding, flowering, or fruiting using the Zion Phenology web app. No prior experience needed. The Zion Phenology web app includes pictures and definitions to aid participants. Requires the use of a mobile device with service. Click below to open the Zion Phenology web app:


Last updated: May 17, 2021

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