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Ranger speaking to family near Big Bend
A park ranger speaks to visitors near Big Bend in Zion National Park


National parks have many things specialists like to study–rocks, plants, archeological sites, wildlife. Different parks have different natural and cultural resources that interest scientists. But one thing all parks have in common? People!

The National Park Service, its partners, and external researchers work ask you about what you enjoy in parks so that we understand and improve visitor experiences.There are many kinds of research questions relvant to parks. For example:

  • What and how do visitors learn from interpreters, visitor centers, and trail-side displays?
  • How, when, where, and why do people spend money when they visit parks and surrounding communities?
  • How visitors do behave around wildlife?
  • When and how do students learn the most on field-trips or distance learning programs?
  • What motivates people to volunteer in parks?
  • What values–cultural, political, social, economic, spiritual, educational–do people associate with national parks?

Last updated: December 2, 2021

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