Seizure on Angels Landing

April 09, 2016 Posted by: Zion National Park

On July 26, 2015 at 2158 hours PTI reported a medical incident on the Angels Landing trail to Zion Dispatch.The reporting party (RP), a member of the patients group, stated that his female friend was having a seizure on the trail, and the group was in need of assistance.Rangers met the RP at the Human History Museum and learned that the patient was breathing, but not responsive when he left to report the incident and that she had a history of seizures. The RP was concerned that she would not be able to walk down without help.As rangers were speaking with the RP he also informed them that another member of the group, being a recent amputee, was having difficulty completing the hike.At that time rangers released the RP and declared an Incident Commander to oversee the rescue of both individuals.Ranges requested six SAR responders for a carryout and sent one Medic direct to the trail.

A Medic met the female patient a short way up the Angels Landing trail and began an assessment and reported that the patient would be able to walk out on her own, but she believes the male amputee is unable to exit without assistance.The Medic and female patient continued to hike out to the trail head where the patient assessment was continued.

The 6 person SAR team reached the male patient approximately 1 mile up the trail and reported that the patient and another group member had fallen asleep by the side of the trail.The male patient did not require medical help, but would be unable to walk out due to pain in his amputated leg;the other male was tired, but able to walk out without assistance.Once all members of the group were back at the trailhead the female patient declined any further medical treatment, against medical advice, and the male patient refused all assessment/treatment.All members of the group accepted rides back to the EOC where Rangers briefly interviewed them about the incident.

Each member of the group stated that they had eaten minimally and had only a small amount of fluid that day.They further stated that they were not ready for the difficulty of the hike, nor the heat.The two males who were assisted by the litter team continued to behave unusual during the interview.They exhibited delayed reactions and slow speech patterns.Total time from initial report to getting the last patient to the trailhead was 3 hours and 30 minutes and involved a total of 8 SAR responders.

Search and Rescue, Angel's Landing

Last updated: April 9, 2016

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