Rolled Ankles in Orderville Canyon

April 09, 2016 Posted by: Zion National Park

On August 28, 2015 at approximately 1530 hours, Rangers received notification of an individual with two ankle injuries in Orderville Canyon. There was a Wilderness Ranger with the reporting party (RP) at the Temple of Sinawava. The RP stated that patient was not moving and was requesting help, but the exact location was unknown. 

Due to the unknown location and size of the patient, a boat team of 13 was sent up to assist getting the patient out. Ropes and belay gear were also sent to assist with getting the litter over any obstacles in Orderville Canyon. The SAR team hiked up The Narrows to the Orderville junction and made contact with the patient. After loading her on the float little the SAR team began their long hike out of The Narrows. When the litter team arrived at the trailhead the patient requested an ambulance, which she had previously declined. At the trailhead, while waiting for the ambulance, the IC interviewed the patient. She stated that she was walking on "slick rock" along a ledge above water and felt herself beginning to slip. She sat down and decided to slide off the rock into the water. She told the IC that she thought the water was mid-thigh deep, but in reality it was mid-shin. The patient said that when she hit the water, both of her ankles rolled outward and she was immediately in pain. She tried to walk but was unable to.The patient left for DRMC in Medic 91.  From the initial call for assistance to placing the patient in the ambulance, this rescue took 14 SAR team members six and a half  hours.

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Last updated: April 9, 2016

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