Lost Hikers Rescued and Jumping Injury Carryout

June 24, 2015 Posted by: Zion National Park
On June 23, rangers responded to two rescue requests within a 90 minute span. In the first rescue, two teenagers (18 and 19) were doing an overnight on the West Rim Trail. After packing up their campsite, the two teenagers became separated from their father who had hiked on ahead. The two teenagers missed seeing trail markers and ended up off trail, sliding down a slope and unable to climb back up to the trail. Rangers hiked up with a rope and harnesses and got the two males and their gear back up on the trail. One of the two teenagers was struggling with the heat since the day before. He was given fluids and food and assisted out to the Trailhead. Temperatures reached 109 degrees in Zion Canyon.

 The second rescue on June 23, occurred in the Narrows above Orderville Canyon, when the individual jumped from a 12 foot high ledge and injured his ankle. His party members fashioned a rough litter for him from t-shirts and poles then moved him downstream, where they were met by a SAR team with the pontoon litter raft. Jumping is the most common cause of lower leg injuries in Zion. The Narrows is the North Fork of the Virgin River and rescuers must pack in a pontoon raft, plus SAR and medical gear, to evacuate the injured parties.  

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Last updated: June 30, 2015

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