Jumping Injury in The Subway

May 20, 2015 Posted by: Zion National Park
A helicopter landing near The Subway Route.
At the top of the final descent above the Russell Gulch/Left Fork junction, a 53-year-old man jumped off a rock which was about two feet above the surrounding terrain. When he landed, he suffered a lower leg injury. He experienced significant pain when he put weight on the injured extremity.

 Other members of the party hiked back up the route until they were able to obtain cell phone coverage to report the incident to Zion dispatch. Cell phone coverage was spotty and it was initially unclear if the injured man was above or below the first rappel along the route. Ranger-medics hiked to the patient's location, arriving at 1700 hours. They splinted his injured leg and attempted to assist him to a helispot approximately .5 miles from the location where they found him. During this time, Life Flight out of St George was on standby. At 1900 hours, the patient stated that he was too exhausted to continue. The two rangers provided patient care through the night at their bivy location along the route.

 On the morning of May 20, 2015, a nine person carryout team hiked to the patient's location. They secured him in a litter and carried him to the helispot. Life Flight evacuated the patient from the helispot at 1055 hours.  

Last updated: June 10, 2015

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