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The following images are some of the highlights from the Charley's Village museum collection. A much larger portion of the collection is represented by faunal remains, bone fragments which give testament of past hunting and butchering episodes at the site.

Some of the artifacts shown below allow us to determine when the site may have been occupied. The Old English tobacco tin can be no older than 1890 as the company which made the tobacco was not in operation prior to then. This type of tin may have been used into the 1930's.

The Winchester reloading tool, although difficult to say absolutely, strongly resembles a military issue .45-90 rifle tool from 1891.

The Novelty Rubber Company, which made the black 2-hole button was only operating between the years of 1855 and 1870.

The remainder of the artifacts shown below are more difficult to date, however they do lend themselves to proving a historic context for the site.


Last updated: April 14, 2015

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