Half Dome Permit Lottery Statistics

Sunday: 16%
Monday: 9%
Tuesday: 8%
Wednesday: 8%
Thursday: 9%
Friday: 14%
Saturday: 35%
This chart shows Half Dome lottery applications by day of the week for 2015.

On this page, you can find various statistics relating to the 2014 and 2015 Half Dome permit lotteries to help you make an informed decision when you apply for the lotteries.

The chart to the right shows the distribution of the Half Dome permit lottery requests by day of the week for 2015.

The set of bar graphs below show how many permits have been requested for each date during the 2015 Half Dome season . This graph shows actual number of permits requested for each day (225 permits are available each day). This graph shows the worst-case scenario for each day because each application will have only one of its permit dates filled (applications can have up to seven different dates requested).

Stacked bar

The graphs below show the success rate for each day in 2015 for the daily lottery.

Success rate for each day

Other Statistics for 2015

May 2–October 13
(cables went up early due to lack of snow; permits were only available via daily lottery for dates prior to May 22)

Preseason lottery:
Applications: 23,203
Overall success rate: 34% (odds are about three times lower on weekends than weekdays)

Daily lottery:
Applications: 21,081
Overall success rate: 33%

Weekday success rate: 43%
Weekend success rate: 19%

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