Yosemite Forum

The Yosemite Forum is a free interactive lecture series designed to bring evolving knowledge of the Sierra Nevada to the public and the park. Lectures are 3:30 to 4:30 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the second Tuesday of the month. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yosemite Forum is being held as a virtual event. If you have questions about how to attend, send us an email.

Schedule for 2021





January 12




February 9

Megan Mason

Boise State University

Snow depth distribution patterns and consistency in the Tuolumne River Basin from airborne lidar time series

March 9

Ekaterina Rahkmatulina

University of California, Berkeley

Hydrological benefits of restoring wildfire regimes in the Sierra Nevada persist in a warming climate

April 13

Beverly Bulaon

U.S. Forest Service

California true firs and their pest complexes are complex: A look at forests and their pests

May 11

Dr. Derek Booth

University of California, Santa Barbara

Restoration of the Merced River through Yosemite Valley

June 8

Dr. Alexis Mychajliw

Middlebury College

From three bears to one: The ecology of California's lost bear assemblage

July 13

Phil Johnston

Hoopa Valley Tribe

Reading mountain lions: Interpreting tracks, scat, marking signs, and predation forensics

August 10

Dr. Zach Steel

University of California, Berkeley

Restoring pyrodiversity to benefit Sierra Nevada wildlife communities

September 14

Dr. Michael Goss

Stanford University

Climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme autumn wildfire conditions across California

October 12

Dr. Benjamin Madley

University of California, Los Angeles

An American genocide: The United States and the California Indian catastrophe, 1846-1873

November 9

Dr. Michael Koontz

University of Colorado, Boulder

Drivers of tree mortality across multiple scales in a hot drought

December 14

Dr. David Green

Oregon State University

Studying the mountain lions of Yosemite with detection dogs and remote cameras

The Yosemite Forum is a partnership among:

  • National Park Service
  • Yosemite Conservancy
  • USGS, Western Ecological Research Center Yosemite Field Station
  • University of California, Sierra Nevada Research Institute
  • USFS, Pacific Southwest Research Station, Sierra Nevada Research Center

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Last updated: February 2, 2021

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