Electronic Newsletter, Update on the Merced River Plan and a Word about Animal Babies

Pre-order Hard Copies and CDs of the Merced River Plan DEIS
The Merced Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Merced River Plan/DEIS) will be available for a 90-day public review and comment period late summer of 2012. You will be able to review the plan by:

*Available upon request. To conserve resources, we encourage you to review the Merced River Plan electronically. Printed copies of the Merced River Plan/DEIS will also be made available to local libraries throughout the region.

To pre-order a CD-Rom or printed version, PLEASE PRINT your name and address and send by July 30, 2012, via one of the following:

  • e-mail us
  • fax 209/379-1294
  • phone 209/379-1002
  • mail to: Superintendent
    ATTN: MRP/DEIS Request
    PO Box 577
    Yosemite, CA 95389

We will make an effort to fill all requests, but cannot guarantee this service due to limited resources. Make your request by July 30, 2012, to ensure your copy.

Updated Merced River Values Draft Baseline Conditions Report Posted Online
The Merced Wild and Scenic River Values Draft Baseline Conditions Report is now available on the Merced River Plan's research webpage located at https://www.nps.gov/yose/parkmgmt/mrp_research.htm. Due to the large file size of the document, we've broken it into several chapters on the website.

The report describes the condition of the Merced's River Values--(1) free-flowing condition, (2) water quality and (3) outstandingly remarkable values--both at the time of the river's designation in 1984 and at present. The condition of river values is crucial information in the development of the plan, and planners are using information from the Report to inform development of alternatives for the draft environmental impact statement.

We encourage you to become familiar with the major aspects of the Report. Released as a draft in April 2011, the Report may continue to be revised and amended as new information becomes available, particularly information from ongoing scientific studies.

Please Respect Wildlife and Their Young
When visiting the Park this summer, please do not touch or pick up baby birds, fawns or other young wildlife. These animals may appear to be in trouble, but are not orphaned, sick, or injured. These animals should be left alone and not moved or handled; otherwise, their parents may not be able to find them and continue to care for them.

Deer fawns are born relatively scentless, and are brown with white spots. These characteristics are adaptations that allow the fawn to conceal itself from predators. The mother deer do not always remain close to their fawns in order to prevent drawing attention to them, but they will return throughout the day to check on them, and to nurse. Even when approached by humans, these fawns will likely remain still and silent.

During this vulnerable time in the lives of wildlife, humans can pose a serious danger. Please help these baby animals survive by keeping pets on-leash, and leaving the area immediately when you find young animals so the parents can continue to care for their young safely. If you have concerns about an animal in the park, contact a ranger and describe the situation, but please do not touch the animal, pick it up, or move it!

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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