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Visiting Yosemite? Join tens of thousands of other kids by become a junior ranger! Consider visiting the Happy Isles Art and Nature Center (summer only) or the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center for interactive exhibits.

If you're working on a report for school, you can probably find the answers to your questions by looking through the Nature & Science section of Yosemite's website.

History: Junior Ranger history reaches back to the Yosemite Junior Nature School, organized in June 1930 and lasting until 1954. Imagine being an eager young naturalist sent off to the park for a week's summer session. Read a 1937 Yosemite Nature Notes article about the historic school and a 1960 Yosemite Nature Notes article that shares the program's success and structural evolution in 1955. Could you pass the Junior Ranger 1933 test? [20 kb PDF] Warning: it's tough!
Ranger in Yosemite Valley field with children in historic photo
Ranger Walter Heil and a 1938 Yosemite Junior Nature School group explore Sentinel Meadow in the Valley.

Ralph H. Anderson

Ranger examines pelt on ground with two children
While studying to become Junior Rangers, children touch an animal pelt.

Last updated: January 23, 2024

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