White Wolf Lodge & Duplex Cabins Rehabilitation

White Wolf Lodge  main building


The White Wolf Lodge and associated duplex cabins, located off of the Tioga Road, were aging structures that were in need of rehabilitation. Originally the site of early homesteaders, the conversion to a Lodge was completed in 1926 and privately run by the Meyer Family. Two duplexes were also completed during this conversion. In the 1930s the family added additional hard-sided cabins and tent platforms. White Wolf Lodge was bought by the National Park Service in the early 1950s and is currently operated by the park's primary concessioner.

After many years of service, there were a number of issues affected the Lodge and cabins. Site drainage problems were creating foundation settlement and moisture migration. Many of the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems serving the White Wolf facilities were also in need of replacement and updating. Additionally, facilities at White Wolf were not fully compliant with building and accessibility codes. This project kicked off with public scoping in August of 2011 and an Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Action was completed in July 2014.

Primary rehabilitation work included:

  • Stabilization of structures and attachment of buildings to new foundations
  • Minimizing water flow under structures and moisture migration from below floor levels
  • Repairing exterior sheathing materials
  • Repairing and conditioning existing windows and doors
  • Re-roofing all buildings and replacing chimney cricket/flashing at the Main Lodge building
  • Replacing interior floor and ceiling with compatible finishes
  • Relocating and constructing a compatible enclosure for refigerated food storage units
  • Minimizing alteration to existing building footprint and adjoining site
  • Screening of non-contributing utility features on site
  • Waterproofing of foundation walls and vapor barrier at grade under buildings

Last updated: February 10, 2020

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