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Yosemite Conservancy

Through the support of donors, Yosemite Conservancy provides grants and support to Yosemite National Park to help preserve and protect Yosemite today and for future generations. The work funded by Yosemite Conservancy is visible throughout the park, from trail rehabilitation to wildlife protection and habitat restoration. The Conservancy is dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience and providing a deeper connection to the park through outdoor programs, volunteering and wilderness services. Thanks to dedicated supporters, the Conservancy has provided more than $100 million in grants to Yosemite National Park. Learn more at or call 415/434-1782.

Yosemite Conservancy has:

  • More than 90 years of philanthropic experience in Yosemite National Park
  • More than 42,000 supporters
  • Provided $15 million in total support to Yosemite in 2016

You can support Yosemite by:

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NatureBridge partners with the National Park Service to connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world, igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of our planet. Since 1971, our residential education programs have provided students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds with the opportunity to actively experience nature's classroom, often for the first time.

Students experience personal growth, build interpersonal skills, gain science knowledge, strengthen critical thinking skills and learn to act as environmental stewards. NatureBridge strives to create an impactful and lasting educational program for every student.

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Friends of Yosemite Search and Rescue

Friends of Yosemite Search and Rescue's mission is to actively solicit monetary and in-kind donations from private sources in order to bridge the gap between public funding and Yosemite Search and Rescue's (YOSAR) actual budgetary needs. Our vision is to help YOSAR continue as a world-class search and rescue organization.

Friends of Yosemite Search and Rescue (FOYOSAR) provides additional training funds, helps coordinate with YOSAR in securing grants, and provides public outreach and education materials regarding safety in Yosemite National Park. All donations made to FOYOSAR are administered through an independent board. The board is made up of present/former YOSAR team members and other advisors who have worked in and around Yosemite National Park as administrators, medical professionals, and rescue personnel. Donations have allowed team members to receive stipends to attend medical and technical trainings, have provided for improvements to facilities and mobile command units, helped establish a training endowment to support the future additional training needs of rescue personnel, and provided the means of maintaining this website to provide more timely information on incidents in Yosemite National Park.

You can support Yosemite by:

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National Park Service

The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.

You can make a donation directly to the National Park Service via donation boxes at all visitor centers and wilderness centers. Donations collected at these boxes are used to improve exhibits at these facilities and to offer educational programs.

Last updated: January 3, 2022

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