Yosemite Fire Update August 27, 2014 Update #16

August 28, 2014 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information
Active Fires being managed for multiple objectives: 
Cathedral (37 51.843 x 119 23.720 –Tuolumne Co., 9,140', July 16) This fire is now at 4 acres and continues to be active. It is west of Cathedral Peak. Smoke is visible from many Tuolumne Meadows locations. 

Lembert (37 53.159 x 119 19.059 –Tuolumne Co., 9,250', July 16) This fire continues to smolder and creep through surface fuels in a lodgepole pine forest. It is east of Lembert Dome. 

Mt Starr King (37 43.21 x 119 28.108 –Mariposa Co., 8,730', July 16) It is on the east side of Mount Starr King and continues to creep through a red fir forest. Smoke is visible from many park locations, particularly from Glacier Point. 

Meadow (37 42.738 x 119 30.541 –Mariposa Co., 7,870', August 16) This is a remote, hold-over lightning caused fire. It is northeast of Mount Starr King and south of Starr King Meadow. It is creeping through red fir and lodgepole pine, and is surrounded by granite knobs. It is visible from many park locations, and in particular, Glacier Point. 

Contained Fires 
Dark Hole Fire: This fire was declared 100% contained on August 19, at 1,080 acres. This lightning caused fire began on July 17, 2014, in designated Wilderness, near the Yosemite Creek Campground. The fire was suppressed by handline construction using minimum impact suppression tactics and natural barriers of granite ridgelines and rock out-croppings. Periodic smoke may continue to be visible from many locations within Yosemite. The fire is in patrol status. 

El Portal Fire: The fire began July 26, 2014. Firefighters achieved 100% containment at 4,689 acres, on August 4, 2014. Smoke from logs and other vegetation within the fire perimeter may continue to be visible. This fire is in patrol status. 

Campgrounds, Trails &Roads Affected

  •  The Lukens Branch Trail remains closed. 
  • The Yosemite Creek Trail has been re-opened. ″Yosemite Creek Campground has re-opened. 
  • All park roads are open. 
  • All other park campgrounds remain open. 
As with any fire incident in Yosemite National Park, firefighter and public safety is our number one priority. We appreciate everyone's assistance with this priority. 

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