Wildlife and Other Sightings: Western Whiptail, Gilbert's Skink....

August 04, 2012 Posted by: PU - Mather District Interpretive Ranger

Western Whiptail
Aspidoscelis tigris
Western Whiptail

July 25, 2012
Hetch Hetchy

Western Whiptails were active along the trail from O'Shaughnessy Dam to Wapama Falls from 9:30 to 11:45AM. These lizards are more commonly observed in open habitat, running from bush to bush.

Gilbert's Skink
Plestidon gilberti
Gilbert's Skink

July 25, 2012
Hetch Hetchy

This lizard is most often heard before it is seen. They are excellent leaf litter "swimmers." In quiet moments, listen for feint rustling in the leaf litter (most commonly oak).  They will periodically peek their heads out for a look on the surface. This individual was observed close to the picnic tables near the rest rooms at Hetch Hetchy. A blue-tailed juvenile was observed cruising in the leaf litter near Hodgdon Meadow employee housing.

Black Bear
Ursus americanus
Bear scat

July 25, 2012
Hetch Hetchy

Fresh scat filled with Manzanita seeds was observed on the trail between O'Shaughnessy Dam and Wapama Falls.


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  2. March 31, 2015 at 10:46

    Mar 30 2015 I spent many summers near Yosemite in my youth. Today I brought my kids here to "see the beauty of nature". While stopped at Tunnel View we saw a Weatern Skink, a "swift" blue-belly, a beautiful golden eagle, and later at the Mariposa Grove we saw a weasel! The kids were so happy and excited to see the nature of the Yosemite area.

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