Wildflowers of White Wolf: Flowers Seen Blooming this Season (full list)

September 01, 2012 Posted by: AH - Mather District Interpretive Ranger
Flowers Seen Blooming this Season on the Trail from White Wolf to Lukens Lake (full list)
This will be the last update for wildflowers along the Lukens Lake Trail for the season. About 70 different species of plants were seen blooming, identified and recorded between early July and late August, with quite a number of Aster Family members (and some others) not included for lack of time to key them out. At this point, most of the flowers have gone to fruit (and many into the stomachs of animals fattening up for the winter). Here is a list of all recorded species:


Family Name
Scientific Name
Common Name
Aster  Achillea millefolium
Anaphalis margaritacea
Pearly Everlasting
Antennaria corymbosa (?)
Pussy Toes
Aster brewerii
Aster occidentalis
Western Mountain Aster
Ericameria bloomeri
Hieracium albiflorum
White Hawkweed
Hieracium gracile
Subalpine Hawkweed
Raillardella scaposa
Senecio integerrimus
Single-stemmed Groundsel
Senecio scorzonella
Sierra Butterweed
Senecio triangularis
Arrowleafed Groundsel
Solidago canadensis
Meadow Goldenrod
Borage Mertensia ciliata
Mountain Bluebells
Buckwheat  Eriogonum nudum
Nude Buckwheat
Polygonum bistortoides
Buttercup  Aconitum columbianum
Aquilegia formosa
Crimson Columbine
Caltha leptosepala Marsh Marigold
Delphinium depauperatum Small Larkspur
Delphinium glaucum Giant Mountain Larkspur
Ranunculus alismifolius
Water Plantain Buttercup
Thalictrum fendleri
Fendler's Meadow-rue
Thalictrum sparsiflorum Few-flowered Meadow-rue
Carrot  Heracleum lanatum
Ligusticum grayi
Grays Lovage
Perideridia parishii
Parish's Yampah
Evening Primrose
Epilobium angustifolium
  Epilobium glaberrimum
Glaucus Willow Herb
Epilobium lactiflorum
White-flowered Willow Herb
Gayophytum sp.
Gernanium Geranium Richardsonii
Richardson's Gernaium
Heath Orthilia secunda
One-sided Wintergreen
Honeysuckle Sambucus racemosa
Red Elderberry
Lily  Calochortus leichtilinii
Sub-alpine Mariposa Lily
Lilium parvum
Alpine Lily
Triteleia ixioides
Golden Brodiaea (Pretty Face)
Veratrum californicum
False Hellebore (Corn Lily)
Mustard Streptanthus tortuosus
Mountain Jewel Flower
Orchid Platanthera sparsiflora
Green Rein Orchid
Pea  Astragalus bolanderi
Bolander's Locoweed
Lupinus breweri
Brewer's Lupine
Lupinus Lepidus
Lyall's Lupine
Lupinus polyphyllus
Large-leaved Lupine
Trifolium monanthum
Carpet Clover
Phlox Polemonium californicum
Jacob's Ldder (Low Polemonium)
Pink Silene bernardina
Mountain Campion
Primrose Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Jeffrey Shooting Star
Pursiane Calyptridium umbellatum
Pussy Paws
Rose  Horkelia fusca
Dusky Horkelia
Potentilla drummondii
Drummond's Cinquefoil
Potentilla gracilis
Slender Cinquefoil
Sibadia procumbens
Saint John's Wort
Hypericum anagalloides
Tinker's Penny
Saxifrage Mitella breweri
Bishop's Cap
Snapdragon  Castilleja miniata
Great Red Indian Paintbrush
Collinsia torreyi
Torrey's Blue-eyed Mary
Mimulus primuloides
Primrose Monkey Flower
Mimulus tilingii
Mountain Monkey Flower
Pedicularis attollens
Little Elephant's Head
Pedicularis groenlandica
Elephant's Head
Penstemon heterodoxus
Sierra Penstemon
Veronica wormskjoldii (?)
Alpine Speedwell
Violet  Viola adunca
Western Dog Violet
Viola macloskeyi
Macloskey's Violet
Viola pinetorum
Pine Violet
Waterleaf  Nemophila Nemophila
Phacelia hastata
Timberline Phacelia
Phacelia sp.


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