Showy Milkweed

November 12, 2012 Posted by: BW - Volunteer Interpreter

Showy Milkweed
Asclepias speciosa

The most common milkweed plant in Yosemite Valley is putting on its last show of the season. The large, woolly seedpods have split open, releasing the feather-like seeds to be dispersed on the gentle fall breezes. These two- to four-foot-tall plants are conspicuous in many meadows, including Cook's Meadow, where these pictures were taken. This time of year, American Indians would collect the dry stems of milkweed plants to use as a source of natural fiber. After it was processed, it could be used for weaving or making twine and rope. 


White milkweed in Cook's Meadow

 Milkweed seedpod with white fibers
Milkweed in Cook's Meadow. Milkweed seedpod.


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Last updated: December 7, 2012

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