Fire Update - October 16, 2017

October 16, 2017 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information

Prescribed Fire Update

On Saturday Yosemite fire managers made the decision to postpone the prescribed burns in the Mariposa Grove and the Soupbowl until further notice. A dry stable air mass with low relative humidity was the primary driver for being out of prescription.

Prescribed fire is a very important tool for reducing excessive fuel build up near our communities in order to reduce severity of future fires. When the conditions are right, we hope to proceed with these prescribed fires.

WTREX (Women in Fire Training Exchange)

This group will continue working with Yosemite Fire crews.  You might see a high percentage of women firefighters from various federal, state and other non-profit agencies assisting the park with fire management activities. Currently only 10% of wildland fire positions are filled by women. This international 12 day training is comprised of 90% women.  For more info (

General Fire Update

There are multiple fires burning in Yosemite National Park's wilderness. Fire managers are working with the local Air Quality Pollution Districts and will be monitoring smoke impacts to the park and local communities. Due to moderate smoke production from the Empire wildfire, Yosemite Valley will experience smoke, this will be compounded with campfire smoke until the morning inversion lifts.


Discovered: 8/1/17    

Location: 1 mile east of Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area and 3/4 mile south of Glacier Point Road

Size: 7,000 acres       
Cause: Lightning           
Containment: 85%     
Fuels: Red fir 

Slope driven fire remains very active east of Mono Meadow. This can be seen on the Illilouette Ridge from the Glacier Point Road. Crews will continue to monitor. Glacier Point road is open, subject to smoke along the road from Badger Pass to Sentinel Dome Parking Area.


South Fork

Discovered: 8/13/17                          

Location: .75 miles east of the community of Wawona

Size: 7,564 acres       
Cause: Lightning           
Containment: 85%     
Fuels: Mixed conifer and red fir

Fire remains quiet near the community of Wawona on the west and south flank of the fire. Sections of the north flank and the entire east flank are continuing to burn in the wilderness Fire activity has been minimal this week.


Starr King

Discovered: 8/2/17    

Location: N 37° 42.965' x W 119° 29.588' at approximately 7800 feet elevation

Size: 70 acres            
Cause: Lightning           
Spread Potential: Low/ Moderate
Fuels: Red fir/ Lodgepole      
Strategy: Monitor

Visible from Sentinel Dome, Washburn and Glacier Point



Discovered: 8/2/17    

Location: N 37° 49.336' x W 119° 34.720' at approximately 8154 feet elevation off Tioga road. 

Size: 7 acres              
Cause: Lightning           
Spread Potential: Low
Fuels: Lodgepole/Red fir       
Strategy: Monitor           

Visible from Tioga Road        



Discovered: 9/26/17  

Location: 37 45.3 by119 38.5 at approximately 8154 feet elevation off Tioga road. 

Size: 2 Acres                          
Cause: Lightning        
Spread Potential: Low
Fuels: Low brush       
Strategy: Monitor       

Visible from Sentinel Dome and Glacier Point

Last updated: October 16, 2017

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