Fire Update - November 6, 2017

November 06, 2017 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information
The Mariposa Grove prescription fire successfully treated approximately 100 acres within the historic sequoia grove. This included acreage in unit 11 and unit 4. There was moderate smoke production with smoke dispersal to the northeast. Burning in the Mariposa Grove is a continuous process; the targeted areas have had 1-3 prescribed fires in the past 30 years, and continued burning is required to maintain healthy forest conditions. Fire produces the optimum conditions for Giant Sequoia regeneration. Fire not only removes the accumulated layers of dead woody debris exposing nutrient rich mineral soil, but is needed to dry the cones and allow the seeds to shed.  In addition, by reducing the number of trees and undergrowth, wildfire opens up the forest canopy and reduces shade-tolerant competition.

The Yosemite wildland fires (Ribbon, South Fork, Porcupine) that are currently active may still smolder but these will likely not be producing much smoke.  Expect to still see light, visible smoke on the Empire and Starr King fires.

Firefighters began pile burning in Yosemite as part of the Vista Management Project and Meadow Restoration project with Resource Management and Science. They will continue pile burning operations throughout the park. If conditions are too wet to do prescribed burning, fire crews will shift to thinning projects around developed and high risk areas. 

Last updated: November 6, 2017

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