Fire Update (June 26,2020)

June 26, 2020 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information

This week Yosemite National Park fire personnel responded to two new fires in the park, the Le Conte fire and Koon Hollar fire, both were declared out and are under investigation. The Dance Floor fire, which was a lightning ignition on June 12 was declared out, and the Tamarack fire is being managed for resource objectives.  

As a reminder Yosemite National Park is in stage 2 fire restrictions. With above normal temperatures and low relative humidity expected through the weekend into next week it is very important to understand local fire restrictions and practice fire safety when recreating or working around your home. If you have questions about the rules in your area, please reach out to Yosemite’s Fire Information office.

Tamarack Fire: Near Tamarack Flat Campground at approximately 6500 feet elevation

Start Date: 6-12-2020                  Size: .25 acres      

Cause: Lightning

Status: Active continue to monitor

The Tamarack fire is in the wilderness and being managed for resource objectives.  The fire is burning in an old fire scar, creeping, and smoldering in the forest understory through green brush with low growth potential.

Koon Hollar Fire: In the community of Wawona at approximately 4233 feet in elevation

Start Date: 6-25-2020                  Size: .10 acres

Cause:  Under Investigation

Status: Out on 6-25-2020

The Koon Hollar fire was reported on the afternoon of June 25 in the community of Wawona off Koon Hollar road near Forest drive. The fire was fully suppressed and declared out in the same afternoon.

Le Conte Fire: Near Rancheria Falls north east of Hetch Hetchy at approximately 4500 feet in elevation

Start Date: 6-23-2020                  Size: 1 acre

Cause: Under Investigation

Status: Out on 6-24-2020

The Le Conte fire was located right off a trail near Rancheria Falls north east of Hetch Hetchy. Yosemite helitack rappelled the fire and spent the evening and night of June 23rd suppressing and mopping up the fire. It was declared out the next day.

Dance Floor Fire: Near Tamarack Flat at approximately 6500 feet in elevation

Start Date: 6-12-2020                  Size: .10 acres

Cause: Lightning

Status: Out on 6-22-2020

Last updated: June 26, 2020

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